About TENS Rx

Exemplary Provider

TENS Rx Achieves DMEPOS Accredited Status

Our comprehensive patient care model and robust compliance program exceeds CMS quality standards and provides the highest level outcomes and experiences across our patient population.

Mission Statement

To provide quality patient care while servicing our doctors with integrity and conducting our business at the highest level of ethical standards.

About TENS Rx

Founded in 2002, TENS Rx sought to become a company dedicated to improving the quality of life of our patients and improving the level of care our physician partners provide. Over two decades later, we continue our commitment to becoming the leader in electro-medical providers, offering the latest products available to help our patients in pain.

We offer a wide range of electro-therapy products for a patient’s home use including TENS, Muscle Stim, Interferential, and Microcurrent therapies, and a full suite of cutting edge decompression orthotics.

Our physicians and therapists are able to build their practices, increase revenues, and see more referrals while using our electro-medical program.

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