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TENS Rx offers wide range of electro-therapy products for a patient’s home use including TENS, Muscle Stim, Interferential, Microcurrent, and High-Volt Pulsed Galvanic therapies.
Electrode Garments
We also offer Electrode Garments to be used in conjunction with our electro-therapy devices to treat a wide range of extremity injuries, including epicondylitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Electrode Garments
Profits with zero cost
Create a profit center in your practice, increase referrals, and streamline your treatment protocol, all without any cost to you.
Profits with zero cost
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TENS Rx can help you offer your patients an electro-therapy solution for faster healing with less pain. Contact us to get started today.
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We carry the latest electro-therapy products to treat a wide range of spinal and extremity injuries.

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We guarantee a 24-hour response time on all patient pre-authorizations.

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Our team has over 100 years of combined medical experience.

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